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Can anyone remember the Green Line Bus route.  Did it go to Southend or Clacton?.  Was it operating in the war years?

Thank you for your replies.


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Sense of adventure was sorely tested that day....

See map on transitmap.net/green-line-coaches-london-1949.

From Wikipedia:

Services were suspended during World War II, resuming in February 1946."

Not Southend. That would have been City Bus from Wood Green (later Eastern National). Local Clacton holiday service was GreyGreen, I think. Or was it Orange Luxury maybe?

Well blow me! But certainly NOT Orange Luxury!

In the 1950's my family had a caravan in Maldon, Essex and we would travel by bus.  Cannot remember the number but it was an Eastern National bus from Wood Green to Brentwood (probably the one mentioned that went to Southend).  At Brentwood we changed to another Eastern National that took us to Chelmsford and then a local bus to Maldon.  How my Mum managed with two children, sometimes my Nan, suitcases and even the cat carried in my sisters arms I will never know.  But happy memories that you brought back to me reading this item.

Suitcases, kids, Nan and a cat it sounds like Enid Blighton, but it paints a wonderful picture. Love it!



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