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Anyone know what's going on on Green Lanes? Sounds like a protest on some kind.

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Maybe you are talking about a different parade? I observed for about 20 mins and heard no English at all, I was walking against the flow so I saw and heard pretty much all of it, then again when heading the other way. I don't care what language they were doing it in, just if they are wanting to spread the message outside their community possibly better to do half of it English. I was interested in what they were doing and even asked someone in the parade but she didn't want to or couldn't tell me. Loads of people were asking each other about it but nobody seemed to know, which I thought was a shame.
Harringay Green Lanes is Turkey.

Your so right Annemaria, haringay is a mini turkey, so why I love it here

The marches have been going on for the last 20y I have been living here, and probably many years before- long may they feel able to do so in our streets so long as peaceful

So much better than the big gang fights on green lanes and across  into the garden roads that used to go on between the gangs, mostly amongst younger kurds and turks. That was until someone got killed during one, around top of mattison road( cant remember exactly) around 15years ago-Then a police mobile van moved into green lanes with police 24/7 for few months, until they had "dealt with the situation", made arrests. And so far, all quiet on that front since

Good job done 

Hear hear Pavlos. The Kurds are one of the most oppressed groups in the Near East and so many live here - I totally support their right to demonstrate peacefully.

The fighting was between Turkish Gangs about a so called Turf War where an innocent on his way to work for supporting his family were shot dead.
An idea I am Anti Mafi and corruption in Italian politics I may as well demonstrate and lead a protest March being that I have lived in Harringay for forty years.

So Suruc has finally pushed Erdogan to get over his more parochial concerns and recognise his regional/world obligations. 

Erdogan also decided to start bombing the Kurds again, breaking a cease fire:


A few years ago there was a fascinating documentary on how the RAF spent some of the period between WW1 & WW2 bombing rebellious Kurds who were unhappy at not getting a nation, including interviews with some of the pilots. Haven't got a link for the documentary, but there is some discussion here.



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