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The following diagram (taken form the traffic consultants' existing conditions note) shows the number of daily vehicle movements recorded at various local data collection points in Jan 2016:

As most people know, the data collection equipment was installed again recently, so we will soon have traffic volume figures for Green Lanes while Wightman Road has been subject to filtered permeability.

(Sorry the screenshot isn't very clear, if you can't make it out the biggest number at the top of Wightman is 16,335 per day, and the biggest number on GL by the Arena is 22,514).

This competition is to guess the current Green Lanes average daily traffic volume as recorded by the data collection equipment.

There were no winners (no entrants, actually) in my previous competition, so those prizes are still available.

Competition closing date is when the new data is available (I have no idea when this is).

Bonne Chance!

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Fewer than 38,849

You're obviously not one to throw caution to the wind, Michael! :)

I wonder if we could ask one of our local bookmakers to take spread bets?

I err on the side of caution except when it comes to the consumption of chocolate

I plump for 33,333 vehicles and 6 bars of Divine dark chocolate with mango and coconut.

Maggie - Divine Dark Chocolate was not one of the original prizes but I think I can see a way to achieve this if I make the competition a sweepstake - how about the entry fee is one bar of said confectionery, winner takes all?

We may need a "safe house" * where the losers can deposit the entry fee and winner collect.

My guess is 26,666. 

* Safe from the inhabitants eating all the chocolate before the winner collects!

Begsie my house as the "safe house" and I really won't touch a single one, or two.

Or someone on here could make a market. You don't need to be right, you just need to not lose money.

Okay, more than 2 so about 32,999

Here are the Green Lanes traffic volumes at the three points:

Interesting that Green Lanes volumes actually decreased at the Arena point. I think this just shows as commented in other threads that Green Lanes has significant traffic flow problems caused by something other than volume of vehicles i.e. parking and turning movements, too many and badly phased traffic lights, inappropriately placed bus stops.

More importantly, it shows that I have won some chocolate!



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