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Green Lanes (Hackney portion) cycle track consulation - deadline Friday 20th March!

This is a Hackney consultation, but Haringey (and especially Harringay) residents should also complete it. Very short, takes just 3 minutes.

Hackney is consulting on a cycle track along Green Lanes. Green Lanes is in Hackney up to where it crosses the New River, our side of Manor House and just short of Hermitage Road. The proposed track would make for safe cycling down to a bit past Clissold Park - nice access, then, to that park as well as Stoke Newington Church St, the Castle for climbing, the resevoir... And, of course, it would offer a challenge to our own borough to meet, since the cycle track would end at the Haringey border.

Quickest way to answer the consultation is just follow the talking points of the Hackney Cycling Campaign, following from tweet I've linked here:


You can see Hackney's pitch for the consulation here:


And you can see the maps of what's proposed, here:


cross-posted on the Healthy Streets - St Ann's Facebook page. If you haven't joined that group, do check it out here:


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More on this on an earlier thread here.

Yes, that's the one.

But don't think of it as "Haringey Left Behind Again": if this track gets built (support it in the consultation!), that will encourage *even more* cycling on Green Lanes in Harringay, and provide leverage for getting some decent cycle provision here.



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