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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Haringey Parking Services have sent me an email this morning categorically stating that I can park my car in Zone B of the Green Lanes CPZ with my Zone A residents permit.  Hoorah!  Can't remember the last time I got something for nothing out of the Council!

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Interesting...I wonder if I can park in wood green inner with my wood green outer permit...

I might ask...

I do - no problems so far  Only the times of the restricted hours vary.

Yes . Changed vehicles last week

And my Permit states WG Inner where my House is on the border and park in Outer Zones

Advised I can park in any WG zone

I also have an email from the council saying I can park in GLA spaces with my GLB residents permit. I actually printed out a copy of the email and stick it in my car when I park in GLA - maybe I'm being too paranoid!

There's no sych as being too paranoid where parking is concerned!  Having the email on file is good enough for me though....

Yes, checked with Parking Dept and "B" permit holders can indeed park in "A".

Do you have a copy I could use? I’d be v grateful as was just given a ticket after years of parking in both GLA and GLB. Thanks a million 

I also have an email from the council stating that the zones are interchangeable. Pm me if you'd like a copy!

I'd love that, but can't DM you unless we're connected on here. Have sent you a request. 



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