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Hi everyone. 
Does anyone know what’s happening to the Green Gate pub on West Green Road? Pub renovation? Restaurant?

Thanks a lot

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Hi all, contacted Haringey Council on this and they have confirmed that no planning application has been submitted, which does suggest the owners are completing significant building work without obtaining the permission to do so. I've been asked by the council to raise a complaint about this to find out what is going on, as from looking through the window it doesn't look like they are planning to keep it as a pub

They are planning to keep it as a pub. If you look in the window all you can see is building work and significant wiring. How does that not mean it’s a pub? 

Where did you hear they're planning to keep as pub? Hopefully you're right but worth checking all the same

I’ve asked the builders. My next door neighbour also asked some time ago. Same answer. I only looked in the other day and it’s mainly demo work that’s happened so far, so very difficult to know what it’ll look like. 

Ah thanks for letting me know Joe. Just heard back from Haringey Council as well, who said:

"Have just heard back from a colleague in enforcement who informed me of the following:

 A case on this had already been opened but was subsequently closed after speaking with the owner's architect who explained that the owner is carrying out internal works but confirmed the works are not facilitating a change of use and the pub is being retained and will still have a bar.

 They explained the external works are just restoring the existing look and so there will not be a material difference to the external appearance."

I know North London Camra got in touch with the council which I assume was the previous case.

It seems to be pretty substantial work for just restoring the existing look but we shall see.

Yeh agreed especially as interior is of regional importance as well

Looking at historic Street View and what's there now it very much looks like they've built a dormer on the building which suggests it's considerably more than internal works.

I'll be amazed and pleasantly surprised if this is a pub, and a pub which has been renovated sympathetically will be a massive bonus.  What do you think the odds are?  Call me cynical but this is Haringey Council, look what happened to the Queens Head, not much done there regarding ripping out the fixtures and fittings which were supposed to be preserved.



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