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Green Flag judge expresses concern at "serious failings" on their return visit to Finsbury Park

Return visits to both Finsbury and Downhills Park were made on the 21st December 2018.

Although the judge acknowledges the progress made at Downhills, they still regard it as "at lowest end of the range of Green Flag Award scores" and recommend strategic investment. Read their report here

For Finsbury Park, the judge has stronger words. The full report is here and is a grim read. They highlight how the use of the park as an entertainment venue has caused serious damage

Finsbury Park is a flagship park in the borough of Haringey and currently it is in very poor condition. The events held in the park each year, and the day to day usage of the site cause damage in the short, medium and long term. The repairs that are currently being carried out on site appear to be ad-hoc and not part of a long term management and maintenance plan. In the early 2000’s this site received significant investment from the Heritage Lottery Fund and it is disappointing for this Judge to revisit this site and see this investment has not been built upon.

and they conclude that,

The seriousness of the failings within Finsbury Park goes far beyond the challenges raised by the Green Flag Award. Not only does it not fulfil even the basic demands of the Green Flag Award it is far below the standards even the most understanding of the general public should be demanding. An exceptionally depressing and worrying experience all round.

Naturally LBH have again challenged the findings, deeming them "unfair" and their response and a comment from the cabinet member responsible, Kirsten Hearn, can be found here

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I dont’t post anonymously Alan.  It’s not wrong to consider the motivations of someone making an assessment is it?  As Spider-Man says, it contains quite emotive language and some sweeping statements.

Finsbury Park does have problems and I for one welcome these being highlighted and action being taken to address them.  The report does that of course but also is a tad whinging and innacurate (The hazard posed by water courses flowing though the park!)  it also makes assumptions with no evidence - like malfunctioning CCTV even thought the shopper then goes on to say that they have no way of knowing if this is true.

I’ve mystery shopped several time before in various jobs and wouldn’t have submitted something like reads like this.

Thanks Michael.
Sure, we know one another's real names and a limited number of things about each other. (In your case which you have chosen to mention on this website.)
But while I might agree or disagree with some of your views and what we consider as facts connected with particular topics, I'm not speculating about your motivations for holding those opinions or accepting certain facts.
On the contrary, my experience of reading your posts on HoL for many years suggests to me that they are likely to be soundly based, measured and helpful.

MRDA (Mandy Rice-Davies) does sometimes apply. But because she referred to an obvious and publicly known personal bias.

Just to let everyone know that through the Tidy Up Tottenham Group on Facebook we are looking to organise several events as part of the Keep Britain Tidy Spring Clean.



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