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I discovered a couple of months ago Kenillys in Wood Green. Only a couple of minutes walk from the tube (242 high road). Food is great and so fresh, nice cozy place, good size portions, cheaper than most Spanish tapas restaurants and incredibly friendly owners. I have been 4 or 5 times already and always try something  new. I'm Spanish myself so I know the standards ; ). I went today and was very quiet. It's a shame as I really think they deserve to do well, considering the current situation obviously. *Tapas is only thursd to sunday i think

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Thanks for the suggestion, don't often go up that way. Will give it a try next year. Website: https://kenillys.co.uk/

Kenilly's? Great name for a Spanish restaurant!


Wish them all the best. If they really cook Spanish food and have a Spanish menu, they should make an effort and amend the tons of copy errors... Olivos? croquettas? pulpa? patata bravas? vehetarianas? cervesa? It's petty if the food is good, but those words just don't make sense in Spanish.

Buenas Elena!

yes, you are right.... Well, the story began one day when I saw the banner outside the restaurant with new "Spanish" menu on. I took a photo and shared it with my Spanish friends. it was funny as lots of typos. Nevertheless, since it's around the corner and it's not like we have much offer in Wood GReen other than Turkish restaurants, we decided to give it a go. The owners are Cypriots, not Spanish, so the typos made sense. One of them lived in Spain for a few years and worked in a restaurant so he knows how to cook Spanish food. I honestly thought that it was very good, fresh calamares, pulpo etc, very good value for money, and they are lovely. I told them yesterday that they should promote the restaurant more but they are not good with social media they said.  That's why I decided to give them a recommendation here. : )

i just called them and spoke to Joe. He was very helpful and friendly about my wheelchair access. I am looking forward to trying their tapas and croquettas now. 

Interesting as this place was just a coffee shop before.

Just been last night with wife. We've eaten tapas in Spain lots of times. Very pleased with this. They seemed a little expensive but the servings are quite generous. We had four tapas and two glasses of wine for £37.50 which seemed ok. Great to have an alternative to the Turkish! Thanks to poster for background as I wondered why my Spanish was not recognised! Btw a little gift of a dish of jumbo prawns was appreciated! We'll be back.

I've tried to add this place to TripAdvisor but it's not accepting the postcode. Maybe someone else can succeed. I really want this place to survive!



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