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I've missed the New River Path since its been closed off. When it's in service, it makes a walk to all points west an enjoyable journey rather than something to be endured. Its pull for me is sufficient to keep me on the train to Hornsey for a walk home that way, rather than alighting at Harringay. For me, a walk along Wightman Road is not a passage of pleasure. So, I'd been meaning to reach out to Thames Water to find out what's happening and to local politicians to call on their powers of persuasion to chivvy TW along. Finally, a week or so ago I got started.

Yesterday I was delighted to receive a reply from Harringay Ward councillor Anna Abela with what sounds like good news. Apparently, I wasn't the only resident to have contacted her about the issue. As a result she's been in touch Thames Water and has has a news update from them.

The company has now appointed a contractor to carry out the neccessry repair works to the New River Path. Apparently the work required is quite significant. We're told that two sinkholes emerged on the path and have caused quite significant damage. The company say that the total cost is almost £100,000.

The works are set to start next Friday, 10th November. The scheduled completion date is 13th December and it is hoped that the 'New Cut' * section of the Hornsey New River Path will be open to the public again well before the Christmas.

Thanks Anna. Thanks Thames Water (Touching wood).

*The 'New Cut' was the name given to a new channel of the New River, created towards the end of the nineteenth century to allow for a significant widening of the railway. It was constructed at the same time as the removal of the loop that had wound round Harringay House. That part was subsequently diverted to a tunnel that now flows under Hewitt and the north side of Seymour Road.

Before the 'New Cut', the river had swung westward from a point in line with about where Frobisher Road now is. The curve reached almost as far as where the western side of the modern railway now is, almost in line with the current site of Beresford Road, before swinging sharply east again to loop round Harringay House.

The two maps below show the before and after. For an image overlaying the two maps, see Fig. 2 here

New River on 1873 and 1896 Ordnance Survey Maps (Click image to enlarge)

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£100k. Hell’s Teeth!  What on earth will they be doing for £100k. 
Well, good news indeed Hugh, loved the original map too. 

That’s excellent news, thanks for the update Hugh. I did take a sneaky walk through before they completely sealed the path and the area around the first section near the bridge was clearly getting worse quite quickly. I am really looking forward to it being open again. 

Yeah, me too. Had it got worse than this (See my comment of Sept 29)?

I wasn't aware it was closed and, due to a broken ankle, haven't been walking the dog for the past couple of months, so both me and the dog were quite surprised when we went yesterday and it was fenced up.  The dog tried her best to get through mind you - I think she was a bit put out!  Thanks for the update.  I'll resume that walk in the new year. And I agree with you about Wightman Road!  

I can confirm that work has been going on all day today (bad light will shortly stop play).

Any more updates, Dick?

I have not seen any work going on for several days.  The problem area seems to have been repaired and fenced off.  Perhaps it is being allowed to settle before being rammed and resurfaced.

Thanks, Dick. I asked because it looked pretty quite walking past at the Hampden end. 

I walk past with the dog everyday and there hasn’t been anything since this update haha! I suppose they are waiting for it to settle before testing.

Thanks for the update, Dick. I noticed these notices on the fencing at the wend of the path on Wightman yesterday. They suggest the possibility of the working being finished by 13th Dec, bu the oath remaining closed for a further ten days whilst TW make good or something once the contractor move out. They give a re-opening date of 22nd December. (Click photo to enlarge).

Update here.



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