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Hi there - new to the area!

Went to Zephyr this morning and thought the dry cleaning was quite expensive (£10 for 5 shirts - used to be £7 near my old house!). Does anyone recommend anywhere else I should try locally?



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I have been using Magic Wand for a few years now and have always been impressed with the service they have provided. Also, I can confirm that they no longer charge for card payments in keeping with the change in law, as I found from my recent visit a few weeks ago. Have always found the prices reasonable with 5 shirts for 7.99 and also 2 suits and 5 shirts for 19.99. And can’t go wrong with their free collection and delivery service! 

Sorry but that is the usual rate.I have been here for 30 odd years,and Zephr has always been efficient,and very helpful.They will also do some repairs and don't turn their noses up at the age of your favourite outfits,no matter what state they are in.Pleasant people too!

Just curious- Why would someone have shirts dry cleaned instead of laundered ? Is there something my best friends aren't telling me ?

Fair point John. Washing and ironing shirts is within even my capacity. I suspect that people in a business environment need a fresh shirt everyday and may be shorts of time. Anyone with several kids and working parents will be familiar with piles of school uniform ironing..   

Sure, Philip, but why dry cleaned ? I have my shirts done at the launderette. Apart from the cost there is always a faint chemical smell after dry cleaning.

They're not dry cleaned they're laundered by the dry cleaner. 

Ah thanks Charlotte.; I understand now.

Always wondered also until I saw this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_LuK3MYFdqc

Another big vote for Magic Wand. The owner is lovely to chat with, and I've brought several tough, stubborn stains which he's superbly dealt with for a minimum charge. Plus, their long opening hours are very convenient. I always get a wave from him when I walk by. 

Mark S, i agree 100%!

I have been taking my shirts weekly for the past 3 years and suits every other week since moving to the area. Magic Wand has excellent service and their opening hours make it very convenient to use. Always lovely to have a chat with the owner who is very friendly and helpful.

I took shirts in last Saturday morning and was told that they would be ready for collection on Sunday!

They are currently running a special which cannot be beaten 5 shirts for £7.95! I know where I’m taking my next batch of shirts!

Highly recommend them.

I will have to give another vote for magic wand. They have great hours which allow for a drop off or pick up when I’m out walking the dog. The few times I’ve not been able to make it they have even dropped items off at the house which has been a live saver. 

The current offer mentioned above is great value also. 

Hi, I really like Magic Wand on Green Lanes. The quality of the dry cleaning is great and the free collection and delivery service is fab when you have young children. Such a personable service as well. Highly recommended



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