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Can someone explain what I'm meant to do?

I have a v small garden & do little to it, so haven't invested £75 to get waste cleared.  This month I had someone do some hacking at overgrown plants.  I put the bags in the general waste bin, but the Veolia staff took them out & left them.  I have no transport to take them wherever they might go. 

I'm not prepared to spend £75 for two bags. 

Any ideas?

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It's all about ££££££

Plus our council is particularly lacking in pro residents thinking.

Our visitors parking vouchers expire when in others they don't. Our cpz s in Tottenham have extremely restrictive hours which are not necessary to deter commuter parking. The purchase system is arcane and slow.

You can produce as much recycling waste as you want and it will be carted away. Just make it isn't green or you have to pat more = a tax on green gardens. Why not just pave yours over so you don't produce any?

Short sighted but also Tory austerity cash strapped!

I'm afraid I find it difficult to understand this comment and perhaps have got it wrong.

Pro residents thinking? What is that exactly? Which residents? The comment relates to car parking permits when whole point is a system is needed to dissuade car use? 

"You can produce as much recycling waste as you want and it will be carted away.".

Doesn't seem bad to me. The more recycling and taking it away that happens the better.

"a tax on green gardens. Why not just pave yours over so you don't produce any?" Any green waste?-grass, weeds?

 A paved over garden doesn't become a green garden  to be "taxed", but becomes the dull, impermeable and ugly place that we should avoid don't you think? and adds to impacts of climate change through lack of water run-off?

jj b's  post seems quite clear to me. Have another read :)

Hi, if its small amounts I would look for brown bins and knock on doors and ask if OK to drop in. I would be fine.

search for harringay green waste online. 


Haringey believes in 'one size fits all' tick box solutions since finding imagiative solutions that really attack and solve the problems for the residents is just too difficult to achieve.

Just look at the public realm in Tottenham and compare it to Lambeth, Southwark, Lewsiham and similar boroughs. See the differences?

I split the bags with my neighbour, so im not sure how many we got but 52 seems about right. They have no markings on them and i have used them last year and this year with no problem. I suppose ringing them direct they will be able to answer these questions.

I think you get 60 bags (5 packs x 12). They are bio-degradable so they pick up and take the whole bag. I give some to my neighbour from time to time and they are collected. (I don't think the collectors bother with having a list of the paid-up addresses!)

I signed up the first year, when they emailed to say it was a new year I (belatedly) paid again, just carried on using my stock of bags - obviously you use more in summer than winter - and collections continued without pause.

I find the call centre people are helpful, this may be easier than on-line.

Finally, don't put out bags when it's very wet, as they just disintegrate!! I've kept the big white bags we used to have, I put the 'plastic' bag in that which keeps it upright for filling, then bung it in my shed if it's raining on collection day.

As most is not recycled due to plant moved to miles away while Edmonton Plant is being updated

Place it is General waste bin it soon dries out and can be disposed of in a few weeks

I personally burn mine in my Back garden , which is legal

At least if it goes in waste it does create Engergy

Also aware that neighbours have collectively got bins between several properties 

Bob that's not actually true. The green waste is currently going to a composting facility in Uxbridge. It's really not a good idea to either burn it in your garden even if it is legal, or put it in the general waste. Councillor Chandwani posted something on Twitter to say green waste charges are being reviewed this Autumn, you never know, that might actually be good news. 

I have paid the £55 for the bags and gave half to my neighbours. If anybody lives on Sirdar Rd and wants some bags, I've still got loads and happy to give some away. PM me if so.


So I'm thinking of getting a hotbin and putting it in my front yard so I can take other people's garden waste as well.  I could then use the compost for our communal planters (I live on Warham Road near the New River), which are doing pretty badly as they could do with better soil.  If enough people are willing to contribute, then I can take everyone's garden waste in perpetuity! Please DM me if you are interested.




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