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Hot on the heels of our report two weeks back that the Harringay Sorting Office will be closing, comes news of further local sorting office closures.

The offices in South Tottenham, Highgate and Upper Holloway, are due to close by February next year and operations will be transferred to a new site in Upper Holloway.

The closure of the Hornsey sorting office is also now on the cards. Operations will be moving to the  newly vacant Upper Holloway and Highgate sorting office site in March. 

Further details as they become available.

The Royal Mail says the changes are as a result of declining mail volumes and the resulting need for the organisation to make 'efficiency savings'.

For more on life after the closures, see 'Life After the Loss of Harringay & Hornsey Sorting Offices'.


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I'm worried about how far the poor posties will have to travel to do their deliveries, if all the services are centralised in Archway. Will they be paid extra for the time it takes to get to their route? Will we still have "local" posties who get to know the area and who lives where? Our postman is a hardy chap from the North East who wears shorts nearly all the year round - it's nice to have a familiar face on the round.

The photo of this building was taken by my husband! We live in N8 and he's passionate about post offices! Sadly, many of them have closed and become pubs or restaurants with names like The Penny Black or The Last Post and now it looks as if sorting offices are going the same way.

 Here's a link to his website: http://britishpostofficearchitects.weebly.com/

The sorting office isn't on there because ... well it's a sorting office and not a post office.

Phew - thanks goodness I credited it then!



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