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Our internal front door (original Victorian) is in need of some TLC - in particular the broken glass panels need replacement.  Has anybody had work done on theirs recently, and if so would you reccomend the crowd that did it? We've had one reccommendation but they never answer the phone!  

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Hi Marc,

Did you have any luck with this? We need the same thing! 

Many thanks

I'm afraid not, we're still trying to find someone. I'll let you know if we have any luck

Are you looking to get original-style Victorian glass? When I first moved to this house, our internal front door had all the original textured* coloured glass except for the central panel. That had been replaced with a somewhat ill-suited modern clear textured replacement.

That panel broke when the wind smashed the door closed. I was very busy at the time, so I didn't shop around exhaustively. I noticed that the leaded-light textured glass panel above our front door had similar pastel-ish colours to the side panels of internal front door, except that the latter was missing a blue panel. So, I did my best to match the blue colour and and ordered a central panel of the best matching colour from Carters Glass in Crouch End. They also fitted it.

It's far from a perfect colour-match and the texture is not Victorian. But purism aside, it's not bad. Our front door has must-get-that-changed-sometime modern clear textured glass. So, at night, with the lights on, there's a pleasant muted coloured glow visible through the front door windows.

*I've also seen the glass referred to as stamped glass and pressed glass. I haven't spent much time looking, but I haven't found anywhere that sells repro glass of the same type as, what I imagine was, the common-as-muck-glass that was originally put in our door.



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