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The Friends of Finsbury Park group have an appeal underway to raise funds to expand and improve the skate park in Finsbury Park. The current generation of young people have it tough, Covid boshed their schooling, the economy has taken a clattering and my lot (I'm 46) are bequeathing them a planet in a right old pickle. Least we can do to give 'em some skate based down time. Surely. I've given em a tenner, and many tenners maketh a skate park. 


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Bring it on! There's often a real culture of care and etiquette around skate parks, teenagers looking out for smaller kids, turn-taking, learning from each other, self-organising...

Hopefully - since LBH have to spend all the proceeds of events in the park on the park - this can become a priority. But in the meantime lets put some money in to show we care / want it..

Would you be able to access some funding from a charity? Health and Exercise; Mayor’s Fund for London; local Rotary Club; Barclays match funding? There must be pockets of money out there...


Good thoughts. I'm not part of the group. I just came across them on the Twitter, liked that someone was taking positive action and so shared on here to support them. I reckon it's worth you seeking them out on Twitter or via their website and sharing your thoughts, could help them get some matched funding or grants. 

Okay, will do. 



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