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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Back on at the college in Tottenham, (and some in Enfield) short courses for adults, in a range of subjects from languages to maths to counselling to... intro to carpentry/woodwork/plumbing for women (Like the old days!).

all free, can live anywhere, you need proof of UK residency. Starting now/soon.

The college is also for FE ie young people 16-19 so is full of them daytimes.

https://www.conel.ac.uk/courses/  (their search facility doesn't seem to be working, they need to do that computer design course).

Tottenham College is five minutes' walk from Seven Sisters tube on the Victoria line, two Overground lines and loads of buses.

I'm not connected to them but am very pleased to see this revival of PT courses that are not qualification based, ie study for the love of it, and to keep your brain alive.

Enrolment has been chaos in other years so come early on first night after online sign-up. Maybe they will have sorted it this year.

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Where did you find out about the courses, Pam.Their website doesn't seem to give you any information about what the courses actually cover, and in some cases not even when they are on!

I did a free radio production course there a few years back which was well-resourced and interesting.

I must have got a mailing because I've done their other courses.

The lack of available info is frustrating, whoever puts that web page together doesn't have enough time to do it properly. The teachers all have to produce schemes of work so could be asked to write a paragraph for the website. It feels a bit like, it's free what else do you want? It does settle down after the chaotic first week but it must be hard to be one of the teachers. I've never found out how it's funded, as it goes against all the govt mission re everything must have a qualification attached. I thought it may have been European money but that must be over.

Can anyone reading this from Conel suggest who to contact to make some practical suggestions?



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