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Hi all,

I saw a few foxes in my garden this weekend who all appeared to have mange.

One had lost all her fur and she was looking pretty bad.

If like me, you'd also like to help these pretty animals then get in touch with the Wildlife Rescue and Animal Centre in Enfield on 07970141282.

There you can pick up medicine for the foxes and they'll provide you with all the necessary information.




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Thanks for everyone's input, I've noticed two young foxes on our rd have mange, I'll try and follow it up with some of your advice.
I have noticed that putting in new plants with bone meal underneath is almost guaranteed to see them dug up by foxes. They even tried to dig down around newly planted trees. If I plant using bone meal now, I cover the surround with chicken wire well pegged down.
Like many other of nature's species, foxes can be beautiful but this does not make them welcome in my garden. In fact along with squirrels and rats they are very near the top of the list of things I don't want to find, just below bind weed, horsetail and honey fungus but above other people's cats, aphids and cabbage white butterflies.



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