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It seems to be the year for major tunnels.

Back in the summer I noticed the huge tunnel for cables being dug along Harringay's southern boundary.

Now a little further afield is the huge Lee Tunnel, the first of two tunnels, which will collectively capture an average of 39 million tonnes of sewage a year from the 35 most polluting combined sewer overflows, built by the Victorians.

See a BBC video report here.


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Remarkable how so many of the great inventions are designed to deal with crap.

The original fundamental design fault in homo habilis' and homo sapiens sapiens' waste disposal mechanisms leads me, at least twice daily, to cogitate on the stupidity of the gods of Genesis, Darwin and Dawkins in equal measure. And now that Chris Hitchens is gone, from whom can I seek enlightenment?  

Relieved to see that we've left it to a woman to clear up our crap, suitably named after our Sovereign. Has this to do with the Diamond Jubilee?

And even more relieved to see that the Germans, as always, have found the solution to our mess. Marvellously Merkelous!

Ham and cheese Bazalgette with mayo, anyone?

What strange dialects both the presenter and interviewee both have.. 

Living English ever changing..  The presenter especially, has 'the spoken from the tip of tongue' twang not heard in the London of my day.. 



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