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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

This cat has been visiting our garden for a few weeks, came to the door meowing. 

This week we started feeding the cat because they seemed quite desperate.

Black cat with white mouth, chest and feet. We live on Vale road.

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I remember this cat from when I used to live at omegaworks. Very distinctive markings. He was a young stray but I think people fed him. Very sweet natured, not sure if anyone ever gave him a permanent home. 

Thanks Lisa, he is very sweet and thanks for confirming. Hopefully he can get a home soon.

Oh no poor thing! I hate to think of it being out in the cold like this. He reminds me of the cat I had growing up

Contact stokeycatsanddogs.org

Stunning cat. 
can you get him to the vets to see if he’s chipped? 

sweet love

Yes Stokey have helped me out in the past

Thanks for your replies everyone, sorry I didn't get back. We are still feeding him and invite him in especially if it's very cold. He's on waiting lists to be taken in so hopefully that happens soon. 

Thanks for the update X

It's good that you posted the pic online. Unfortunately it's not our cat (Pepe from Chesterfield Gardens). I'm so heartened by the community spirit around this area. 



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