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The council is planning to replace the red timber play structure in Finsbury Park:

There is likely to be a decent amount of funding available from the events income, so it's worth taking a few moments to submit ideas and comments to the consultation which is open until 2 March:


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But where will the staff who are managing the festivals have their parties afterwards? Their empty vodka bottles will just end up strewn over the grass rather than neatly sat upon the structure.

Well I was making light of an issue that the Friends of Finsbury Park constantly brought up with The Wireless Festival that I thought was easy enough to fix (let them have an afterparty INSIDE the fenced off area). I did illegally drink in public as a teenager back in NZ when the drinking age was 20 but we were paranoid that the police would visit us so we always carefully removed our empties from the children's play area and put them in different bins. London seems a free for all.

This was the first place my son ran to!

Is there an allowance in the budget for a really big sign that makes it clear it's not a workout area for massive sweaty men?

So very glad to hear this!

I work across London and sadly visited a wooden playground recently which had been closed off due to a large piece of it having fallen on a 5 year old child, killing them.

It was old and full of woodworm that the park keepers told me was apparently not visible from the outside - this area in F.P. looks more knackered that than playground did. Definitely time for an upgrade.

So friends of Finsbury Park moany wireless peeps, listen up. I don’t have kids. I don’t want kids. I don’t even like kids. Why is good money being spent on kids in the park. 

And they are so so noisy. 



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