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It's been revealed today at the Haringey Parks Forum that two parks Finsbury and Downhills have lost the coveted Green Flag status and have been requested to "suspend flying the flag" until improvements have been made. 

Winning sites are "mystery shopped" in alternate years and this year not only have two sites failed to meet the requirements but seven others have been given an amber grade showing areas of concern. I don't have information on which parks/green spaces have been identified but I am currently trying to find out which seven they are and will update when I do.

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I concur.

This is an indictment of Haringey Council's management. Isn't the much vaunted income (£800K+ in 2017; £1.2m in 2018) from the big festivals in Finsbury Park required to be spent on the park? With the park so degraded, where's it gone/going?

Wow amazing Liz. So disappointing 

This local park in Wood Green is well kept by the resident park keeper. It still flies a Green Flag to show its successful status. As winter approaches, all the parks will look bleak for the next six months. See how nice Chapmans Green is kept in my recent photos: 


Update - these were the sites that were checked with the results. This is all the information that has been released to date

Comments on Amber 

Common themes from amber external inspection

Some comments about the deterioration of paths
Signage comes up a few times, directional signage to the site, signage for dog owners and also interpretation signage that relates to features no longer in place
Weed killer being used around bins
Untidy shrub beds on a number of sites and grass in one location
One dog bin overflowing and a small amount of litter
Intimidating people at Tottenham Green

The letter from Kirsten Hearn to other Councillors insists that the green flag has only been suspended for Finsbury and Downhills parks and specifically denies that they have benn issued with red flags. This screenshot seems to be at odds with that. What’s the source (I see it was posted on Twitter by Martin Ball five days ago) and what does it go on to say about “Finsbury...” at the bottom of the page?

A short email sent to members of the Haringey Parks Forum which both Martin and I attend by Dave Morris, who is the chair on behalf of the council officer in charge of parks (I tend not to name those in public forums for privacy reasons). 

The missing part about Finsbury was simply that Finsbury and Downhills issues not same as Amber concerns but as yet we have not been told what those issues are. The line was edited simply because it sort of wasn’t relevant to Amber concerns but was

Notable that very few of the issues as flagged at Downhills or Finsbury

You don’t get a red *flag* Tris, so of course the cabinet member said that.  The council are asked not to fly the green flag until the issues are resolved. Perhaps the councillor misunderstood the system. The reports will be shared with Friends groups first and the action plans. In Amber cases, the flag is not suspended. It’s more like a wake up call. The info above is literally all that has been shared to the general Parks forum. I’m sure the action plans for individual parks can be accessed by approaching the Friends groups directly. If and when I get more info I will share. 

Thanks Liz, that makes sense about the red flag of course!

Unfortunately the council is obviously reluctant to share the action plans and the Friends of Finsbury Park haven't answered requests to share the details of the one relating to FP.

I’m not sure how long they’ve had it ! From what I can glean the Friends groups were only offered the reports in the last few days. The council seemed reluctant to release them until they had drawn up action plans. 

They've had the mystery shop report for over a week. It's finally been posted here but without the covering note from the council which probably explains that some of the issues have been addressed. It does raise a number of valid concerns.

Maybe 'the rat' was on 'laughing gas' whilst scrawling its 'graffiti'. Lets blame the rat.

But apart from the rat, looks like lots of things need some serious investment. Luckily fees from a very quiet, swear free Live Nation event provides much needed funds, ring fenced to Finsbury Park only!

Stuart Hopking, Finsbury Park Operations Manager, is going to be very busy, with the enthusiastic cooperation of FoFP I'm sure.



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