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It's been revealed today at the Haringey Parks Forum that two parks Finsbury and Downhills have lost the coveted Green Flag status and have been requested to "suspend flying the flag" until improvements have been made. 

Winning sites are "mystery shopped" in alternate years and this year not only have two sites failed to meet the requirements but seven others have been given an amber grade showing areas of concern. I don't have information on which parks/green spaces have been identified but I am currently trying to find out which seven they are and will update when I do.

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So you accept there are still massive cuts on the way?

It obviously escaped your notice that the GFC was triggered by unscrupulous speculation and reckless lending by US banks and financial institutions, allied to a web of interconnected and irresponsible banking transactions across the UK and the rest of the EU, and not by a high-spending UK Labour government. Subsequent coalition and Conservative governments have used anti-Labour rhetoric as justification for a deliberate neo-liberal austerity policy to "shrink the state", impoverishing millions of people while failing to deal with the root causes of the financial collapse and - through deliberate policy - enriching selected supporters with indirect subsidies (see Persimmon and its ex-CEO, who saw nothing wrong with being paid a £75 million bonus, almost entirely financed by George Osborne's "help-to-buy" policy and its inflation of house-builders' profits through public funds). 

What is the " GFC " ? Why do people have to use abstruse abbreviations ?

Global Financial Crisis; only abbreviated to save a bit of space!

Blimey, talk about rewriting history!

Well....  user 'Neil' is the rebranded user 'Neil O'Shea', ex-Conservative councillor and about as subtle as half a brick (have read back on past postings). Regular readers need not be surprised.

I work for a neighbouring borough council and I know that our central government funding has been cut by more than 60% since 2010. Possibly more, I’m not up to date. 

This is an indictment of Haringey Council's management. Isn't the much vaunted income (£800K+ in 2017; £1.2m in 2018) from the big festivals in Finsbury Park required to be spent on the park? With the park so degraded, where's it gone/going?

Agreed, we haven't seen the improvement in everyday management that might be expected with all that events income available.

What the Friends don't seem to have realised is that this news also reflects badly on them because it highlights their lack of focus on helping to address the issues that have most likely led to the Green Flag suspension.

Don't think people realise ... the park mamager lost practicularly all his staff in the cuts. I've seen the park offices ... a long, fairly big building, empty ... except for the manager. That's where some of the £s should be going, re-employment. Seriously.

That's worth following up - do you know when this happened and how many staff were involved?

The cuts were made in 2011, and included cuts to the parks budget by over 50% (£1m)
and over a third of frontline staff working in Haringey parks were made redundant. 

At the time the Council's spending on green spaces was already in the bottom quarter of comparable boroughs

As this petition to the Council at the time stated:
"We believe this will make our green spaces unsafe, and undo the improvements the Friends Groups have worked so hard for over the last 10 years. It will return them back to the shocking neglect of the 1980/90s."

Haringey Parks have been going down hill since 2011, neither the budget nor the staff lost have been replaced and our parks will get worse year on year as the cumulative effect kicks in.  



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