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Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon we were walking along Green Lanes during some particularly strong gusts of wind & we heard a crash... another piece of masonry had fallen.

This was just to the North of Rutland Gardens - possibly from the building above Poziomka, though it could have been one of the next door buildings. The masonry smashed on the pavement into quite a lot of pieces. My wife saw it falling & said she thought it was around 40cm long, but just a few cm wide - it could have done quite a lot of damage if it had hit someone though!

I phoned the council out of hours line & a structural surveyor phoned me shortly afterwards to get the details (a rapid response for a Sunday!) & then he was going to go & have a look. I don't know any more than this.

So, a lot smaller than the previous masonry fall in 2011, which was almost directly across Green lanes from this one. But this again emphases the need to ensure that these buildings are properly maintained....

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And there's a severe weather warning for the next 24 hours.



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