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Does anyone know of any regulations in Harringey preventing us from installing a wood burner with an external flue?

We are end of terrace and the flue will be out the side of the property. No views will be distorted and we are not in a conservation area.


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Since the Smokeless Zone came in in the 60s it is illegal to burn wood or 'dirty' coal for domestic heating etc. As NeilT says, you would have to use smokeless fuel, there are many brands available including smokeless zero C02 (as claimed) coal. Have you not got an existing chimney flue you can use or have lined?.

"Woodburners have two heat settings, red hot or meltdown." - Jasper Carrott

Looking at DEFRA's website, that's only if you don't have an exempt burner. Otherwise you can burn wood that ideally contains less than 20% moisture


Technically speaking, you should only burn seasoned wood in your woodburner. Green wood is polluting and will filth up your chimney. For the less socially conscious, Haringey do not have any dept or personnel responsible for checking. Some years ago I approached Haringey environmental dept as there was clearly a big increase in coal burning in Hornsey only to be told by a friendly staff member that there was no ability to check.

I put a multi-fuel stove in our old flat, luckily there was a tree surgeon's yard down the road from us and he would deliver 'seasoned' ready-cut wood from different trees. I'd love to put one where we live now but my wife won't let me, says it's too much mess.

I've got two back and front, saves me a bit of cash and makes the house really cosy in the winter. Make sure it's all defra approved stove, fitting and fuel and you are good to go.



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