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What occurred here that needed the whole junction closing off and sand al over the road (fuel spill?).

Seems *all* adjoining roads are a mess as a result as nothing is going through that junction, or was not up to around 1:30.

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Very poor communication (Lack of) from TfL re buses. They should be letting people know. I've just got the W5 from Archway, they are terminating at the library/Harringay station, some people on bus were  not aware of that. 

It was terrible! The tannoy on the bus I was on didn't work upstairs.  Then the driver went left at Manor House instead of right so we ended up crawling round the Finsbury Park one way system.  To add insult to injury when we finally did make it back on to Green Lanes he ignored the bell having been pushed and drove straight pass the bus stop.  

Having had bad experiences of diversions before I got off and walked home on Friday evening when this 1st happened. The diversions can be magical mystery tours. But not everybody can walk so this must have caused a lot of trouble to many people. 

Traffic now flowing in both directions on Green Lanes, including buses. But Endymion Road still closed.

Endymion Rd still closed at 1030 Sunday.

Nearly 2 days now and still closed. 

Traffic can now go from Endymion onto Green Lanes but not the other way.

Tuesday 1600: Endymion closed altogether at Green Lanes (once again).

Signs hung on the park fencing: "28/06/23 for 3 days, resurfacing works 0700-1900, Marlborough Highways".

So potentially closed till late on Friday.

Informed traffic is currently using Lothair Rd North and rejoining Endymion further up by the New River, though - wonder how that will work once resurfacing starts.

Came home by bike this evening and saw Endymion still closed off and as I got towards Mums the whole of GL closed with the fire brigade looking like they had put out what I am guessing was a fire in one of the flats above Mums!  



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