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Hi all

Its been mentioned a few times that the state of the streets in deteriorating badly and the level of rubbish and waste left on Green lanes is becoming a health hazard.

I have spent the last week complaining on the phone to the council and its become clear that until they receive a sustained, high volume of complaints, then nothing will change.

Therefore I beg you all to complain as often as you can to the following email adresses:




Instead of typing my thoughts on the problem, I have coied my most recent email which I think covers it off:

Happy emailing... lets get the streets clean!

- - - - - - - 

I would Like to make a complaint and draw your attention to the litter problem on Green Lanes in Haringey (up and down the entire length of the ladder)

In the last 2 weeks I have seen litter dumped at the following areas:
Cnr Effingham rd and Green Lanes (This Morning)
Cnr Fairfax rd and Green lanes (This Morning)
Cnr of Duckett Rd and Green Lanes (Saturday 4th Aug)
Cnr of Burgoyne Rd and Green Lanes (Saturday 4th Aug)
Cnr Allison Rd and Green Lanes (Friday 3rd Aug)
Cnr Seymour Rd and Green Lanes (Friday 3rd Aug)
To be fair these are just instances that I have made note of. The facts are that there is continually rubbish on the street.
Some issues I have noticed:
-Some shops dont have to use Veolia making pick up confusing
-I have personally witnessed a Veolia employee picking up only 1 out of 3 bags of rubbish on the street or walking past bags of rubbish 
-No one seems to be tasked with investigating dumped bin bags to see which shop /
residence they came from 
-The public bins are not big enough
-The number of Veolia people walking the streets are not enough
-The carts that the Veolia staff push up and down the streets are no where near big enough to pick up the rubbish that's continually there
When compared to Islington, or any other borough in London for that matter, the state of the streets is a disgrace and is a failure of the council and Veolia.
Please respond and let me know what actions will be taken.


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Vieolia's contract is up for renewal so you might want to Cc the Ceo to any correspondence https://www.ceoemail.com/s.php?id=ceo-9584

None of the shops use Veolia. They all have individual contracts for rubbish collection. What happens is that all the firms collecting rubbish in London can bid for this work and it's why you get Islington and Hackney branded rubbish lorries rat running the ladder at night after they do their one or two shops on Green Lanes.

probably a good idea to copy in your local councillors too...

Does anyone have their email address?

You can look up the contact details of your local councillor online, on the council website. It depends which ward you are in. https://www.minutes.haringey.gov.uk/mgFindMember.aspx 

To be fair, Veolia do collect the waste most of the time, but there is a strict timetable for residents who live above the shops to put out their waste and where to leave it, (see the signs on some of the lamp posts). If memory serves me right there are 2 time slots per day and Veolia collects after the time slot expires.
At the end of the day it's down to folks behaving responsibly and not in an anti-social manner.

Second the idea of copying in local councillors from both wards.

Biggest issue is that the Borough's Population is growing faster than Services can cope with.

Joys of council Cuts that has allowed more properties to be converted to multi occupancy.   Without upgrading Services.

Scavenger Crews collect swept rubbish from Council Allocated collection points. There are at least Four Vehicles Operating a double day Shift

Current Waste Contractor is one of the Large Groups in the Country. From reports Read none are perfect

Majority use Agency Staff . And due to cuts Councils does not have enough Street Enforcement Officers to Enforce Environment Act 



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