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Has anyone experience of running an electric vehicle charging cable across the pavement? I've noticed a few people on the ladder do it, but the council appear to claim this breaches Part IX of the Highways Act 1980.

I assume the council are referring to section 178(1) which states the following:

No person shall fix or place any overhead beam, rail, pipe, cable, wire or other similar apparatus over, along or across a highway without the consent of the highway authority for the highway, and the highway authority may attach to their consent such reasonable terms and conditions as they think fit.

However even assuming charging your car across a pavement involves 'placing' a cable, the highway authority can consent to the placing of a cable, which implies it should be possible for Haringey counsel to give permission for this.

The council advice notice is here (and attached below):


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Unfortunately  what has not been mentioned is the  huge theft of charging cables which is next only to Catalytic convertors, my friend has had 2 stolen on the end of Priory, apparently easy to steal & high value ,so I think the makers need to re think the design with some sort of lock on them.

Thanks, Desmond. I did wonder about that. I suppose that applies to many cables used in driveways too. 

AFAIK charging cables are locked whilst in use on all electric cars - the car makers thought of that. 

Thieves will always find a way I guess as charging cables can easily cost up to £250 each - way overpriced!

I can understand a council's predicament of having to spend loads of scarce dosh on a technology that is constantly evolving, for which governments have not agreed on a single set of standards and which will have to evolve before people make a massive switch to EVs.

We visit our 2 daughters weekly, using a Nissan Leaf. In Walthamstow the BP Chargemaster is £8/month subscription,  no charge for the power. In Ladbroke Grove there's a Source London point costing £6/hour, but that's the same as the council's parking fee, and Source London allows booking 40mins in advance of arrival,  giving certainty, very useful if you drive to central London. In practice you can charge on the journey so no need to charge at home.

I have an electric car and have repeatedly contacted the council requesting an EV charging station for the Ladder. Although they had a plan to install spots outside Fairland Park (taking some of the pay and display bays), their response is they cannot install stations based on individual requests, and instead would need multiple requests in an area. If you're interested in making owning an electric car on the Ladder viable, you can fill out the request form here, takes 1 minute: https://www.haringey.gov.uk/parking-roads-and-travel/travel/electri...



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