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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

From the Mirror this week:


Deafening cheers ring out and adoring fans shout his name when he saunters on stage.

He still packs concert halls around the world on his tour that never stops. He has millions in the bank and mansions dotted around the world.

But a quiet corner of North London might be the one place that music legend Bob Dylan truly feels at home.

Dylan, who turns 70 today, has become a frequent visitor to the Indian restaurants in Crouch End where he often passes unnoticed in the crowd.

Rumours abound that he was going to buy a home in the area, which he got to know while working at pal Dave Stewart’s recording studio nearby.

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Ha ha that story changes a little bit every time i hear it - good story though.

This bit makes me laugh - ''Dylan is a devoted family man. He regularly sees the four children he had from his 1965 marriage to Sara Lownds'' That would make the 'children' in their 40's and possibly grandparents themselves. (Good paper that daily mirror).

So what if he's about. Pity he can't sing.

A good poet though.

thanks for that, hes a great  muscian and thats all that matters



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