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Haringey haven't taken my direct debit today. Unusual. Anyone guess why? I'd contact them but I can't be waiting three weeks to find out...

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dont we pay council tax for 10 months of year so get breathing space  March and April then new rate kicks in?

Are  you on a 10 month payment ?

Maybe they're been declared bankrupt after wasting millions through incompetent property transactions?

Haringey council sanctioned two new gambling arcade shops where the old post office was, why we pay them i dont know…

Disgraceful decision to open more gambling business, especially addictive fruit machine type places.

Will attract the wrong sort of people to our area and will contribute massively to problem gambling in our area

I'm not in favour of all these gaming shops, but you're directing your fire at the wrong target.

"When the Gambling Act 2005 (opens in new tab) came into force in late 2007, it brought in a new, comprehensive system for gambling regulation in Great Britain.

The Act places a legal duty on both the Gambling Commission and licensing authorities (councils) to aim to permit gambling in so far as it is considered to be reasonably consistent with the pursuit of the licensing objectives.The effect of this duty is that both the Commission and licensing authorities must approach their functions in a way that seeks to regulate gambling by using their powers, for example, powers to attach conditions to licences, to moderate its impact on the licensing objectives rather than by starting out to prevent it altogether.

Haringey's objectives are here.

Are there councils that manage to work within these constraints better than Haringey?  Perhpas.I don't know. 

This posted on the Parking front page, but may be more widely applicable:

"1 March 2022: We are currently experiencing intermittent failures with our payments system, mainly affecting Mastercard payments. If you have any issues, please try an alternative card if you have one, or try again later. We are working with our suppliers to resolve this and are sorry for the inconvenience."

As Kate says above, council tax payments aren't usually taken in February and March. Maybe Philip didn't notice in February...!

The old website used to show very clearly when payments were due and how much. This current version of the website is worse. It doesn't tell us when and how much very clearly at all. So I've paid in February and March when I shouldn't have. Makes no difference, I guess - I just won't pay in April and May, right?



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