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Excuse my naivety here, but are there any rules about people drinking in a public street i.e. one that isn't designated as an alcohol-free zone?


Pretty much every night we have to listen to groups of loud, rather merry men who collect in a space near our neighbour's house (we're on Waldeck Road, very close to the junction with West Green Road, which seems to be the direction they all arrive from). The noise is irritating enough, but I'm getting mightily pissed off by their apparent delight in smashing their beer bottles on the pavement, in the road, or leaving them on garden walls/on steps for residents to clear up the next morning. Apart from putting up slightly passive-aggressive notices I feel like there's nothing much we can do. Ringing up the non-emergency police seems to get a sympathetc response about 40% of the time, and for the other 60% a sense that you're really wasting their time with such trivial rubbish.


Is drinking in public like this classed as anti-social behaviour, and something the non-emergency police/Safer Neighbourhoods are appropriate for, or more of a council matter? I don't know if the council deal with ASB outside office hours like the noise teams do?

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Surely it's not the drinking (which is allowed) but the littering?
That's not really the point though is it? Plenty of people manage to drink and not litter and plenty of people manage to litter whilst never having touched a drink in their lives. I wonder if Veolia would be interested in tackling it? I get the impression that they mean business. Imagine how lucrative that contract would be if they could reduce littering.

And even more lucrative, if they reduce dumping!

I don't know if this matches other people's experience, but yesterday morning (24 April) Zena took her new camera to Chesnuts Park after a scathing phonecall from a resident about litter. But the Parks staff must've been down early, as it was remarkably clean. Today we were at the Ferry Boat Inn on Ferry Lane and then walked through some of the back streets of Tottenham Hale. Another pleasant surprise.

Totally understand how this is annoying. Have you tried your local safer neighbourghoods team? Tell them about the problem, and maybe they can keep an eye on the place for a while and move the scum on.

The drinking is just as antisocial as the bottle smashing! I would have hated having to go past that gang on my way home for instance. Does not make it very nice for other people who live in your are, does it?



All around Seven Sisters station is one of those no-street-drinking zones. It has made absolutely no difference, as no-one enforces it. Clumps of drunks are permanent fixtures. I guess most of those guys live in nasty little HMO rooms so 'socialising' off the street is impossible. Pubs don't want them. Where can they go?


I am amused that there are notices stuck to lamp-posts explaining the rules, in every language except English.

Pubs don't want them.


Really? I'm sure most of the struggling establishments I'm aware of in the area would be happy to have them...

All the local pubs - the Swan, the Crown, the Seven Sisters, the one that is now a tescoexpress - have gone. There is only the Fountain and the West Green, neither of which would welcome these guys. 


And it's cheaper to buy White Lightning from the offie/tescos than pub beer.

The Fountain + West Green are the only pubs left near Seven Sisters. Otherwise just loads of small niche cheap eating places, mostly unlicenced.


[That's until we get the chance to re-open the Wards store and make it into a live neighbourhood centre again.]



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