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A month or two ago they seem to have removed all of the dog poo bins from Downhills Park. They left the sign up where one of them was, so I assumed they were intending the replace them, but they haven't. Does anyone know if there are plans to install new ones, or why the old ones were removed?

Downhills is such a dog-friendly park, it would be a shame to lose these bins. 

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This happened at Down Lane Park also. They replaced them with four notice boards with a maps of the park and the length of circumference of the park for walkers. The notice board is at a step angle so the poo bag slides off when I throw it.

We have had a number of complaints on FB group Keston Action Group too. It's time the council sorted this. 

Haringey’s dog policy says (last time I checked which was a while ago) that dog poo can be put in any bins. Perhaps they’ve decided to do away with separate bins. I’ve noticed the same in Ally Pally Park recently (although not managed by the council). 

This only works if there are enough bins around full stop though. 

That's really the issue, there aren't enough bins, particularly near the exits. I suspect people will start to leave bags in or by the recycling bins at the western exit, because there is recycling but no regular bin. 

The bins are frequently overflowing or being emptied by animals. I hate to see this happening when dog poo is in them! 

As All Rubbish in Haringey goes to Edmonton Incinerator . Suspect it Cost Cutting

Issue with any Collection Bin is that it attracts household Rubbish

Empty is down to visiting Crews

Issue for Your Elected Ward Councillors 

Drive through Downhills Park, regularly and used to notice large pile of Black Bags of Rubbish by Park Entrance. Last week noticed they had been placed inside Park Gates 



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