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I am still really upset after dealing with a dog that was left by the side of the road after apparently being hit by a car. 2 very kind men had seen it lying there and were trying to get help and I waited with them. The dog has now died. It was bleeding from the mouth and could not move. We tried calling the RSPCA, Haringey Council and Wood Green Animal Shelter but no-one came in time. It was extremely distressing seeing the poor animal suffer like that. I think it was a Scottish terrier - white. Eventually the RSPCA came and took away the body. I am just very sad that it couldn't be saved. Also that the idiot who hit it (assuming that's what happened) couldn't be bothered to stop!

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My preference would be the private vet option rather than the RSPCA - only because sadly if a cat or dog is not microchipped, the animal may end up being put down by the RSPCA, as they don't have space for all the cats and dogs needing homes.

My vet always tries to find a good home for the animal when they've treated the animal and made it better. My vet's 24 hour number is 0208 360 2020 and they will give help and advice if you're ever worried about an injured animal.

It's the law to stop if you hit a dog. 

The Road Traffic Act 1988¹ only gives rules around certain types of animals: dogs, goats, horses, cattle, donkeys, mules, sheep and pigs.   If you hit one of these animals you are required by law to report it to the police.²   If you’re involved in a Road Traffic Accident and an animal (whether in another vehicle or on the road) is injured⁴ you must stop regardless of whether it was your fault.⁵

More here.

"If the animal needs urgent care, the police should hold a list of vets available to attend.⁸" Ha ha.

You are also required to drive below the posted speed limit, stop at red lights and give way to pedestrians, but drivers in London rarely do these either.

I think there should be compulsory retesting to keep your drivers license.

I'm sure Village Vets would help in a similar emergency in the future. If you could get the animal there you could fundraise online for the cost of care. Don't know how you would get the equivalent of an ambulance out though in a desperate emergency like yours. I will ask at vets next time I'm there. I'm sure you did the right thing not moving the poor dog. Sounds like it was just too quick and nobody could have done anything for it in time sadly

Unfortunately there is no ambulance type service for animals in these situations. Clearly this poor dog's injuries were fatal, so nothing more could be done in time and everyone did their best for him. It will be a comfort to the owner that he wasn't on his own at the end.

For a human, we're conditioned to not move an injured person in case we injure them more, but for an animal, it's best to pick them up and drive them to a vet as quickly as possible. If it's a cat, ideally put them in a secure cage first.

A private vet would always treat an injured animal. If it turns out that the animal is not microchipped or not owned, Village Vet would (after treating the animal) seek help from the RSPCA in funding the cost of the initial treatment.

With reference to this incident, this dog was a westie, his name was Clyde, a lovely boy, he was attacked by a dog in the park call Rah and ran, the rest is what's logged on here. His owner is devastated, may he RIP xx

Thanks for the update Terri. I heard the owner was away and he was with a dog walker at the time. I am sure we are talking about the same dog

Yes it must be, he was with a dog walker, whilst the owner was at a funeral, very sad, thank you for helping him.

Ah I heard she was at a wedding... Anyway I am sorry I couldn't really help him in the end. But I am glad to know he was loved

As unlikely as it seems I think it could have been a different dog. We found a lead nearby with the name Murrell and I imagine it belonged to this dog. Also injuries apparently suggest blunt trauma rather than injuries teeth would inflict. He was bleeding from his mouth - he didn't look like he'd been attacked by another animal. 

No it's him, that's the owners surname.



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