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Oh dear, dropped the iphone down a flight of stairs and shattered the screen. I know there are places down town that fix it on the spot for £79 and upwards, wondering if anyone knew of anywhere nearby that might be cheaper? Haven't found anything worthwhile googling. 

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Good price

that's good, thanks Klaus. Everywhere I checked charges £30 extra for the 4, so I know it will be more, but still way cheaper than downtown!! 

A friend got his replaced at the phone shop next door to Messy Cut, under the railway bridge in Harringay. Cost him £40 with a twenty minute wait - not sure what model it was, though.

I got a quote of £50 for a new screen in a similar small shop on stoke newington high street - the place is near a fishmongers and opposite a rather prominent bookstore.

the pound shop (next to/near laundrette) with the phone accessary guy in Green Lanes does it. £30 odd.

I popped in to one of the phone shops on Green Lanes to ask. Ranj at Ranj Telecom will replace an iPhone 4 screen for £40. The streetfront place on the Ladder side of Green Lanes just near Santander will match that price.

Wow Hugh that is so generous of you I so appreciate it! 

this is such a good thread i do hope others who have a similar problem find it, really thankful for all these hopeful leads. 



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