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Has anyone else been getting one of these through their letterbox? It was addressed to "St Ann's Neighbour" at our house.

Nextdoor has been a topic elsewhere on HoL, but this amounts to really dishonest marketing, as it contains the name of a neighbour (blacked out here), as if it were coming from or had been authorised by them.

Needless to say, this is the first the neighbour in question has heard of it.

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I am also very sceptical about this.  I received one of their letters last week, almost identical e.g. "There are already over 800 posts on Nextdoor Stroud Green..."  Just like your 800 posts in St Ann's.  

The letter gives the impression that it comes from a neighbour but why would a neighbour post the letter (2nd class stamp), a real neighbour would just hand deliver to save the postage.  So if these letters are being send to all of the houses in the neighbourhood then it means that some organisation has a lot of money to spend.  And doing a search one finds that Nextdoor is a US organisation and that it gets some poor reviews on Trustpilot and Sitejabber.

Take a look at my two comments above, Konrad. They are a US outfit with a large amount of venture capital backing.....and whist it may or may not be run by good folk, their mission is most certainly not the health of the communities in which they work.

A quick look on the website suggests they encourage you to send invitation 'postcards' of which you can earn more. I signed up some time ago and have received the odd email with stuff not relevant to me. I have just requested a deletion of my account. I would prefer to support and participate in more genuine neighbour hood activities.

The "invitation postcards ponzi scheme" explains why I received a letter from someone in the area..................................I binned it after a bit of research on internet 





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