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Is David Lammy right to speak out about the damage to Finsbury Park caused by Tough Mudder?
In my personal view, yes, he most certainly is.

What's happened is an "own-mudder-goal" by Haringey Council. So the Council leadership have rightly and sensibly decided to admit this destructive event was a mistake and won't be repeated.

It's also interesting that David Lammy's letter echoes points made by the most thoughtful and fair minded HoL critics of the Tough Mudder scheme. This includes Anne Barwick, Gordon T and Liz Ixer  who are among those whose comments and criticisms focus on sustaining the healthy ecology of our much loved local park. Critical points such as the extent of the assault course around the park; the wrong season; the deliberate physical harm creating the assault course; and the apparent ecological  ignorance.

These well-informed HoL critics don't use this event to swipe at the MP. Or for other Party political yah-boo point scoring.
Anne Barwick in particular called for less entrenched attitudes between people with understandably divergent and passionate views. Among those who I hope will be less entrenched are the Friends of Finsbury Park and the Council Leadership. And, I suspect, senior park staff who appear to prioritise budget issues. (Parks should not be principally "Cash-Cows".)

There is a long list of other learning points from this mess-up. I'll make a last but important one. I'm delighted we can all read David Lammy's letter to Cllr Peray Ahmet. Open healthy, creative debate  among Party colleagues is valuable as well as refreshing. (Especially in the authoritarian Keir era where nobody dares tell the Naked Emperor.)

Entrenched? Is this how deep the mud has become?

Among the questions that need answering after this muddy mess, include that of who in the Council was responsible for signing off on the Tough Mudder contract? Was it Cllr Julie Davis (Communities & Civic Life), under whose responsibilities Parks and Leisure falls? Or Mike Hakata (Deputy Leader, Climate Action, Environment & Transport)? Or Council Leader Peray Ahmet?  And what, if anything, did the local Harringay councillors - Anna Abela, Zena Brabazon (also in the Cabinet) and Gina Adamou (the Mayor) - do to prevent the mess?

I suggest Dianne Abbott should be commissioned to do an in-depth root and branch review of the whole sorry affair. She has time on her hands.

Not funny. She's still a constituency MP.

Misspelt "Diane" - and, yes, not funny.

It's not 'funny", it's very funny. The woman is indefensible! I'm glad her cows are coming home to roost. She's gotten away with it for too long.

Any before anyone says it...not because she's black, not because she is a woman, not because she's from the wacky end of the party. Because she is incompetent and because she is racist. 

Admiral, thanks for asking a relevant question about Haringey Council's responsibility for the damage to Finsbury Park, the chief topic.

David Lammy is the constituency and ward MP, no other.



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