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I've lived here most of my life and this is the first 'thing' I have seen him do in the interest of local people.

I'm guessing he has to distance himself from the bunch of nitwits in the Labour council in case it rubs off on him.

I'm sure he'll write a book about it all blaming the Tories or 'instituitional racism' or both. 

Echo chamber, chamber. chamber....

Do you have any evidence to justify your claim that HoL is an echo chamber? Facts please, not unfounded assertions as you often demand of other contributors. Or have I misunderstood? Is HoL your own playground to police as you see fit?

Echo chamber on this particular topic - see rapid same-sense comments above, not addressing the Finsbury Park damage, just dissing the constituency MP's letter about it to the council leader. Those are their roles.             Facts.

'Police' this forum - no. Can observe, that's all. That's fine.

Also, HoL is a significant local information resource, not 'a playground'.

This is unusual. For a sitting Labour MP to openly criticise the leadership of a local Labour council things must be pretty bad. He must have received a tonne of complaints for him to make this public rather than do it behind closed doors.

On one hand, it is good to see our MP working on behalf of his constituents even when it might be uncomfortable for his party colleagues. On the other hand, I wish he did the same on other issues where there was significant opposition to council agendas such as the renaming of Blackboy Lane, LTNs issues, tree removal and money wasted on facilities.

Perhaps the tide is turning.

How do you know he hasn’t?

To be honest I don't know. However, given the level of interest in those issues one would expect a public letter , similar to this one about Finsbury Park, to have been widely circulated if such a thing existed.

He’s certainly taken up an issue about trees in my street in the past but hasn’t felt it necessary to publish it and on this site you can find the text of a letter a HoL contributor copied from him about the BBL consultation

The publication is the key point. He's felt it necessary to publicly distance himself. 

He really can’t win can he.  Does something and lets people know - self publicist.  Does something and doesn’t let people know - useless MP

But at least he did well on Mastermind...



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