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hi all,

I know we dont live technically around the ladder, but still fairly close. This morning we woke up to find the whole of the side wall of our end of terrace house knocked down by a vehicle. There are still bits left from the car/van, bits of bumpers and glass. Since the council introduced CPZ around two years ago, the cars here are going considerably faster than before, as there used to be cars parked in the front, which used to slow down traffic, now they are going really fast, which is practically not safe to cross. On top of this, there are near misses and actual crashes. The two photos below belong to our wall, and the last one to our neighbours three months ago. We are reporting it to the head of transport, the police and the insurance. Although i really dont want to keep claiming for this when is not our fault!

Location: belmont road with belmont avenue, N17


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Yes, there's no speed control on that bit of road really is there. There's a little further north, but yours can be a bit a racetrack road. I can only suggest getting together with your neighbours and councillors and trying to exert pressure on the Council.

thanks Hugh. I am Adam Parvez's partner, I think you guys met at some point. We have a head start as he sits next to transport, and knows a few councillors too. Need to get some evidence from our neighbours too.

Well use those connections! Let us know how you get on.



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