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Long story, but would anyone who has used Dan James for their loft conversion relatively recently be willing to have a chat with me about them ASAP, i.e. in the next day or so?

I've read all the reviews on here for them, but there's nothing like having a conversation with someone to really find out the nitty gritty.

I'd be most grateful

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Hi Tim, we have a big WhatsApp group dedicated to everyone who is affected my D&J fiasco, which we share help and support to each others. Maybe you want to be added to the group?

Yes please!

Also impacted by the DJ fiasco - just getting the building regs signed off (finally) but need the email and name of the structural engineers who did the calculations - does anyone know the name of the firm who did this? I remember the guy was called John, but we only ever received info from Dan James. Any leads would be fab!

I expect it's not the same person given the name, bbut we got ours from Syed Waseem at Civils Consulting.  The other guy I've heard mentioned on the WhatsApp thread is Steve French



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