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This has appeared at the top of Burgoyne Road. Burgoyne Road is top down, or one way; entrance from Wightman Road, exit on Green Lanes if you prefer.

There are many things wrong with this paint. The most important thing is that is its VERY dangerous to encourage cyclists to take these positions on this already dodgy infrastructure.

I'll start the list, please add:

- position of painted cycle on road for cyclists going east is 100% in the wrong place; will encourage under-taking of cycle by motor traffic

- motor traffic will NOT expect a cyclist in this position

- poor sight lines for motor traffic turning into Burgoyne Road from north or south; it's particularly bad for traffic turning into Burgoyne from Finsbury Park direction

- there's no signage that I can see to tell motor traffic to expect cyclists in a contra-flow

- not that drivers pay attention to signs anyway

I wouldn't fancy my chances turning right (or left for that matter) out of Burgoyne onto Wightman.

Was this on any of the plans? I'll check but I don't remember it. It's a confusing, congested, poor managed spot already.


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I don't have any strong views on this either way. I don't remember the backstory in detail, but it was proposed as part of the Harringay Transport Study (see page 16 of the final report in the document at the foot of this post).

I'm pretty sure it was consulted on formally. The Haringey Cycling Campaign were certainly involved. See Attachment for notes of their meeting from September last year. You'd need to ask then for their views on it, but it doesn't sound like they objected. 

Attachment 1 | Haringey Cycling Campaign Meeting Notes.pdf

Attachment 2 is a copy of the traffic order published last July.

Attachment 2 | Traffic Order.pdf

I remember this plan being brought up a few times at the local residents' meeting. I don't recall any passion for it, but neither do I remember any particular opposition.

I think they chose Burgoyne because it's significantly wider than all the other Ladder roads. 

Thanks Hugh. I'll have a look.

Fair enough - so it was in the plans.

Presumably, the associated works will take place to formalise this arrangement at the Green Lanes end, and will also provide some refuge at the pinch by the ladder.

And of course that the signage will be fixed so a vehicle bombing down the hill doesn’t drive at a cyclist who is merely doing what the laws allow.

I’d be less bothered by the contraflow at the Wightman end if it provided even a couple of flexi bollards to protect it. Better still the attached set up (which allows entry to an otherwise prohibited street) on Barnsbury Street in Islington - note they’ve cocked up the bike marking as it’s facing the wrong way...!

Note the second photo (from the opposite direction) which shows the bike contraflow signs mentioned up thread.

This is how the Green Lanes end SHOULD look. Chances of are...?



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