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I've had a bit of a search and couldn't find concrete recommendations on this so hence a new post.

Having not really cycled since I was a child I am now planning on buying a bike and cycling to work from the top of the ladder to near King's Cross. I think I've worked out most of my route but can't decide which will be safer for me in each direction near home: Green Lanes or Wightman Road. In my head it seems that heading in to work (south) going down Green Lanes would make sense (avoiding all the side streets on Wightman and coming home (north) I might be better off on Wightman for the same reason. Does this make sense or as a novice am I missing something?

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Just think that every car will pull out, every door will open and know one has seen you. If you prepare for every eventuality you'll be fine.
Cycling is a total joy and you'll love the new found freedom!

Brilliant advice - love it!



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