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I try to be extra careful when cycling, I try to avoid roads where possible, and need to figure out a safe route from Turnpike Lane to Highbury.

I was cycling down Green lanes a few days ago, and am very wary of parked cars opening their doors suddenly without observation or care. 

But I wasn't prepared for a  door to fly open from a car stuck in slow moving traffic - luckily i braked hard and just ended up with scraped fingers. 

I dont expect the beaviour of some of these idiot drivers and passengers to change unless the laws are changed to Dutch cycling laws.

However the council can start by introducing cycle lanes on Green Lanes, not Boris lanes but proper cycle lanes. Something needs to be done about traffic on Wood Green High street to Green lanes

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Yes - and thanks for doing so!

I would suggest that you should always anticipate that car doors may open when the cars are stuck in traffic, all the more so when choosing (which you are not forced to do) to overtake or undertake them.

I cycle along Green Lanes to Finsbury Park and then into town every day and back in the evening. I actually like GL the way it is, believe it or not. I would much rather use it to cycle than Wightman.

There's a lot of room by the side of railway lines which is usually occupied by vegetation and as a lot of it is being cleared by Network Rail they could do a lot worse than put in cycle lanes either side (you'd need barriers separating the lanes from the lines of course). The train lines are straight, level, and tend to go places people want to go. You'd also get some great views as you cycled and you would, of course, be well away from cars.

For now, if heading to the Arsenal stadium from near the Salisbury I cycle down Green Lanes then up past the park, right at Manor House, down the hill then left into Finsbury Park Road opposite Lidl. I then take the first right onto Somerfield Road and cross Blackstock Road into Ambler Road which I take down to Gillespie Road. Then right and then left round the bend to the stadium.

A shame this never took off as I'd rather have a 20m wide cycle lane than that narrow strip.

as a compromise HC could have banned parking on one side of green lanes, allowing a cycle lane.and somehow route it to finsbury park, and thrn quiet roads near old highbury arsenal on to highbury fields. its hardly rocket science

On behalf of all pedestrianised Wightman Road residents, may I apologise to all two-wheeled travellers for our awkwardness, our hilliness, our narrowness, our all round inferiority and our very existence. The sense of entitlement once a mark of the four-wheeled has of late become the badge of the bicyclist. It beats me why you guys don't go for a more radical solution.  The removal of our "front gardens" would afford the bicycle brigade a uniform strip of an extra 6 ft on either side of WR, easily doubled by the abolition of the present on-pavement parking by the four-wheeled. The demolition of our garden walls would also provide useful hardcore to fill up the dips and valleys of your new 12ft cycle path. LBH and TfL may then delete from their lexicons such archaisms as footpath, footway, pedestrian etc.  Pending the later demolition of our Victorian terraces, we shall make do and manage to remain inside and cultivate our rear gardens. Special arrangements may have to be made for very occasional Iceland deliveries, ambulances, hearses and the like. Back-garden cremation/burial would allow us a much more self-contained womb-to-tomb existence and after-life with no risk of injury or inconvenience to any Wightman Road bicyclist.  Hoping this helps.

Long ago and far away in Tottenham Hale near the tube & bus station Transport Interchange, some of us wondered how the existing roads would manage a surge of vehicles associated with a wall of new residential towers.
One of the consultants for property developers helpfully explained that as the traffic then jammed frequently, additional traffic wouldn't make much difference. Drivers encountering long delays would self regulate.
This elegant solution prompted my vision of a walking and cycling nirvana across the River Lea and into High Road Tottenham and onward to Green Lanes.

Simply prepare for the expected ultimate megajam snarl-up. Then evacuate all drivers and passengers from their hopelessly marooned vehicles. And when the rescue is complete, pouring concrete from drones covering over the lines of steel scrap. Until it formed a new elevated, reinforced steel, linear park/cycleway. Vastly wider and grander than the Coulée verte in Paris and New York's High Line.

Other roads can be converted the same way. Until you, OAE, can enjoy looking out from your existing penthouse roof garden at the ribbon of colour below.



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