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In the future, car journeys will increase so much that this will be the status Quo, a car park. It was stated in the early Blair administration that if all Britain's cars were on the road at the same time, they would stack three high. Serious thought needs to be given today to plan for alternatives, otherwise London will cease to function efficiently to sustain its growth.

I'm always puzzled to see antipathy towards cyclists, as every journey made by bike means either one less car on the road or one more free seat on the bus/tube. So everyone benefits.

Cycling isn't that dangerous in London. It's not always pleasant (although it's got a lot better in the past ten years) but the health benefits of cycling far outweigh the risks compared to sitting on a bus.

Some cycle training to gain confidence in cycling in London and help work out a route would probably help. Very often this is free with deals with the local authority.

I need your motivation to get back into swimming, Fusion's take over at Park Road has diminished Masters Swimming there, they think general lap swimming is fine, Haringey Aquatics hard work swept aside.

I have been a life-long admirer of Heath Robinson's ingenious approaches to achieving the impossibly mundane by the most complicatedly hilarious routes, but the great man could never have surpassed your fiendishly complex venture of inventing at least two new organisations (Haringey Cyclists and Living Wightman), combining at least two unheard of concepts (Bike Breakfast with Zebra Croissants), after patiently waiting for Joanne McCartney to rise in the ranks and for Peray Ahmet to emerge from the environmental cabinet wearing her 'Traffic Supremo/a' hat - all with the sole purpose of tracking down one third of that endangered species, rarely encountered either in the Harringay wild or in captivity, to wit Cllr Emine Ibrahim as a prime specimen of our vanishing ward representation.  Hearty Congratulations on your ambitious expedition, so bold in conception, so heathrobinsonian in execution!    

Your well read in the classics, sounds like a mild endorsement. I would encourage such aspirations, something good will surely come. We need to have more goals and affirmation. I like the Zebra croissants!
I love seeing Harringay finally getting attention. For years it has been seen as transitory, and edge of borough.

Harringay grows stronger in its identity and importance as an area within its big brother, Haringey, which we all know should be called Horntott, or Tottenhorn!⚡️

Today has just added insult to injury... having a bike breakfast outside of my house where cyclists just laughed at my distress and continued to blatantly ride through the cyclists dismount sign in front of the breakfast team beyond upsetting... I could not stop to talk as I was on my way to the doctors as I am chronically ill... and was in to distressed a state. I would like to meet with the councillors who were present however. Can you contact me please.

Sorry to hear you are unwell, most of the cyclists I have experienced have been very receptive, I have leafleted on site for the Green Party for the GLA Election, and have been to the bridge to inspect work a number of times. Last week I even crossed the bridge at night, which didn't seem especially safe.

I was present at the breakfast event, and would have been more than happy to talk, (note the green shirt next time.)

I have heard reports from bridge staff, that there has been some cyclists that have been rude, when requested to dismount, but yet to experience them directly. As in all walks of life, there is a full spectrum of people. Rude behaviour is unacceptable, and mutual respect is important between all road users and pedestrians to keep safe. I'm sorry you have had a poor experience.

The bridge engineering works have taken up the entire footpath with material, uneccessary considering on the other side there is a full stretch of roadside and footpath. This has squeezed pedestrians and cyclists on a narrow purpose built path supported by scaffold. This in itself can only cause potential for conflict with cyclists, pedestrians and residents.

A concrete barrier before the entrance to Cypress Close would mean there would be no further conflict. I will connect through HoL, and you can message me if you like. I am not yet a Councilor, but I have been trying for six years.

I would like you all to put the same effort into patrolling this regularly to encourage cyclists to dismount... and face the abuse yourself.  Cyclists be aware that your going slow or your one foot on the ground is not a dismount to a pedestrian especially for a child or a vulnerable adult... 

Gilly, I think most of the people present today were very concerned about your distress. We'll  do  our bit to promote the message of safe and responsible cycling including asking cyclists to dismount at the bridge. 

Over Christmas a driver ran into my friend from school while he was cycling down Seven Sisters road, he won't cycle again; he won't walk very well again either. Last week we had a cyclist beaten to the ground and kicked in the head whilst unconscious by a motorist. This weekend I had another close friend end up in hospital with broken bones and a punctured lung from a cycling accident. I see these illegal signs that were put up by the developer and weep. The love that you should feel for cyclists (insert Oscar Wilde quote) is just naked fear and loathing. Why?



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