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Council insist on last minute change to Harringay Bridge banner

Just hours before the final commissioning deadline for the temporary Harringay Bridge banner the Council required a change to the wording to be used for the south side banner.

Discussions have been conducted on the basis of this a banner which simply used "Harringay".

However in an instruction which came from the Council this week just hours before the banner order was due to be finalised, the design was changed to new wording.

I'm sure this will please some people and not others. But overall, we seem to have unanimous support for the north side banner and I'm sure we all see the great improvement this brings in the short term and the even bigger improvements it presages. So thanks again to Rob Chau for steering it through.

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It would be nice if that were true, but that's not a reason that's ever been used as an explanation in my hearing (and I've discussed this a number of times with the Council) and I don't think it figures in the logic behind this.

It does raise an interesting point though. Once you think about it, it's fairly self evident that tube and station names influence what we call an area. My recent exercise to find out what the man in the street calls our neighbourhood illustrated just how powerful this influence is.

At the northern end of Green Lanes, right on the corner with Turnpike Lane, just feet away from Wood Green, in my exercise not one person answered that the area was "Wood Green". 100% of people said "Turnpike Lane". I'd never considered Turnpike Lane an "area", but it seems that since there's a tube stop called Turnpike Lane, most people do.

At the southern end of my route 100% of people said the area was called "Manor House". That was no surprise to me. I'd expected it. The point here though is that Manor House was the name of a pub, not an area and it's become the name of an area (sort of) purely because of the presence of the tube station named Manor House.

Between the New River and the old Queen's Head, "Harringay" was the most frequently used name for the area at every question point except one, just by Harringay Green Lanes station where it was equalled by "Harringay Green Lanes" . I was surprised - but it does fit the pattern.

All the more reason for the sign to read only Haringay. It doesn't after all read "You are entering Haringay" does it?

Tottenham has South Tottenham, Seven Sisters, Tottenham Green, Bruce Grove, White Hart Lane and others that compose it. We haven'yt been blessed with any signs though!

What areas make up Haringay? 

The Council could have a policy on its street signs to designate its neighbourhoods, as is done in other Boroughs and County Councils.



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