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Next week the  corporate committee of Haringey Council will make a decision on the Blackboy Lane issue.

According to the report prepared for the committee, the majority of Blackboy Lane residents would prefer no change, However, the report states that this option has been dismissed.

It also says that the option to consider another name is dismissed  - not because it's the right thing to do but simply because that wasn't what they said last time!

Below are the results of the second consultation along with the report's somewhat tortuous justification for dismissing the wishes of Blackboy Lane residents.

Of course, those of you who have been following this issue will have little faith in these consultation results. You will have leaned that the Council may have sought to swing the result the way it wanted by approaching select groups through the local Labour Party apparatus and asking them to reply to the consultation to support the name change.

So, there you go, no surprises here: that's how politics is done in Haringey these days.

For the record the author of this post has no objection to street renaming where the existing name clearly causes offence and where widespread support for the change can be proved.

Full text of the Blackboy Lane item in the Council report  available here.

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Alan, Uncle Joe created division where none existed.

A win-win outcome here, as pointed out by many contributors, would be to leave the road as it is. That would save the residents of Black Boy Lane endless months of disruption and a bureaucratic nightmare, save several hundred thousand pounds from an already stretched budget that could then be spent on genuine priorities in Haringey and, most importantly, prevent young black men from thinking they are somehow problematic.



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