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Does anyone have a spare cot or cotbed?

Need to fit a 70cm / 140cm mattress.

Would be hugely appreciated and will go to a good home.

Can collect anytime.



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Hello - I have a John Lewis Anna bed which I think is the right size for your mattress - it's on the John Lewis website if you want to check (ours is brown not white) - if so you're welcome to it!


Hi Julie,

Thanks for your message. If that fits it would be amazing! I just checked online though and it said the John Lewis Anna needs mattress L120 x W60cm.


We annoyingly bought a mattress before the cot. It is a size 70cm by 140cm, which is supposedly standard size, but can't seem to find a cot to fit it.


Let me know if it definitely fits and I'll come pick it up.





Are you looking at the right one? it's catalogue number 32451301. The details be

low say that's the size of mattress it needs . 

Looks gorgeous, but we need a cot to start with. Little one is only 8 months old, so probably a bit too young for a bed.

Thanks so much for the offer though! 

Warmest thanks,



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