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Hi everyone, 

I am looking for some advice.

The owner of one of the large restaurants on Green Lanes also owns a few HMOs on the Ladder, including one on my road. It is a constant eyesore with overflowing bins, dumped mattresses etc. He has tried and failed several times to add two more rooms to the 8 rooms he currently lets out.

However since last week all the residents have moved out and he is doing some work on the property. Word on the street is he is turning the HMO into 3 or 4 flats.

I have looked for a planning permission on Haringey Council 's site but cannot find anything. 

Nor do I know if he is allowed to and does not need permission. Meanwhile they're busy working and filling up several skips. Don't you need permission for those too? 

Does anyone know the answer? 



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The policies Haringey (and most other boroughs) have relating to flat conversions largely concern the protecting the stock of family sized C3 dwellings (which a 8 room HMO is not) and managing the intensification of use from more units (which would be more difficult to argue when there is a pre-existing HMO rather than a single dwelling).

But there may still be difficulty in meeting other expectations when converting an HMO into self-contained flats, for example, meeting the nationally described space standards which require studio flats to be 37 sqm and 1 bedroom flats 50 sqm, for both conversions and new-build dwellings.

However, some boroughs resist the loss of HMOs because it effectively represents a loss of accommodation. Parts of some "prime" inner London boroughs (including the Haringey part of Highgate) see a loss of smaller flats and HMOs to merged, larger units. So what happens is a displacement of those on lower incomes further and further into outer London.

Paragraph 3.41 of the Development Management DPD does say:

"...Likewise a conversion from a HMO to flats will require planning permission. In order to maintain choice and affordability the Council will apply Policy DM11 to ensure the loss of good quality HMO accommodation in the most sustainable locations is managed."

And the policy makers decisions and large developers investment e.g in Tottenham, can have  perverse effects. We have many, many flats being built in the very high rises going up in the Tottenham Hale area. A lot of these are flats but just do not cater for those on lower or even median incomes becasue of their price point. Many get sold off plan so the far east 'investors' can park their money safely abroad. So the pressure is still on converting family houses, because it provides a good return for smaller landlords.

The system is broken and no one is really providing the answers to fix it.

I would draw your attention to Haringey Council Development Management Developement Policies DM16 and DM 17 (page 34) covering residential conversions and HMOs. Notably the following “…Conversions within the Family Housing Protection Zone will only be considered acceptable where they comply with criteria (b – g) above and result in no net loss in the number of family sized units.” The Ladder and areas east of it fall in a Family Housing Protection Zone. These are the local planning rules which unfortunately are so regularly flouted by these 'rogues' -no other word for it.

Unfortunately, despite attempts to improve over recent years, our council is cr*p when it comes to enforcement because it is so stretched with all the various issues our ‘deprived’ place suffers. Also, the Central Government has been chopping resources back more and more over the last years because in their neighbourhoods those in charge just aren't usually overwhelmed by these issues.

Haringey just isn’t up to the task and the rogue, mercenary, speculative landlords very well know this. This is on the back of years of “corruption” when people knew that anything went down here in the east of the borough.

So it would be best to contact the Planning department and ensure that they are aware of the 'goings on'. But then you should muster support of the surrounding neighbours to run a campaign to put a stop to the practice in your patch. Use the same guerilla tactics that the landlord is using. Name and shame in front of a restaurant? But remain within the law. Haringey just doesn’t have the resources and they will only act under pressure. Even if the council finds that owner is at fault your battle is not won…they don't have the resources to enforce reinstatement....

As we have seen time and time again with the restaurants along Green Lanes these owners often do not care about anyone else!



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