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Connect with Nature: walks at St Ann's hospital suitable for adults of all ages

We had a lovely walk last week looking for signs of Autumn, collecting leaves and searching for new fungi in the woodland at the back of the hospital site

Later, over tea and biscuits in Mayfield House, participants created a bit of leaf art on the Nature Table.

This week, the walk is going to focus on Autumn wild foods and the trees with edible fruits, we will collect berries and seeds and, over a cup of tea, talk about how foods were preserved in times gone by.

Join us at 2pm by the Mulberry tree in the Peace Garden (straight through the main gates to the big lawn) to go on the walk and, if you choose to, take part in the simple activities designed to help you connect with nature.

Whether you come for the whole session or just walk with us for a little while, you are very welcome.

We walk slowly and not for too long in our explorations so is suitable for adults of every age. 

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I've been on one of these. It was great. Just saying

thank you!

What day of the week is this please?



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