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Computer Home Movie Editing- Help Making Movies From Various Sources

Hi. I wonder if someone out there can help me. I have various movie clips, from my camera (in AVCHD Video format) and an IPhone (in Quick Time format).

I have tonnes of them, all waiting for me to try to put into something sensible like a home movie.

Does anyone have a clue how I might do this, and what softwear I can use to edit both the original movies to get rid of the dross, and ultimately combine various movies possibly in different formats to both save and possibly reduce in size to share with family overseas?

All help most greatfully recieved!

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Gotta love us muppet PC users, still slavishly sticking to the stone age. My wife is constantly chipping away at the issue!

Thanks, Have downloaded Movie Maker. Lets see where I get to. You might here back from me....

If Moviemaker is not to your taste, you might want to have a go at Youtube's video editor (free) - works the same on either a PC or a Mac 

You can send it videos directly from your phone. You can mark your videos as 'hidden' on Youtube so nobody else can see them.

If you do want to convert your AVCHD files (Movie Maker doesn't accept them) then you could use Handbrake- free for both PC and MAC.

Hope that helps.

As a tv editor I have a vague idea how you can go about doing this.
My email is ashleysamways@yahoo.co.uk, mail me and I can give you all the advice I can.
Oh, and Pete, pcs are better than macs...



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