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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

'Words matter', as  BBC political presenters keep telling us.

BBC News has just reported a "collision" between a powerful motor-cycle outrider of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge hastening to Windsor and an 80-year old female who is now in a serious if stable condition. This recalls our local police's description of a similar "collision" on Hornsey High Road between a 54-year old female and a van some time ago. The colliding lady sadly died, though we have had no report on the condition of the van. 

Could middle-aged and elderly females please desist from colliding with motorised vehicles going about their lawful concerns?

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My guess is that they've been told to avoid saying "accident". Collision is marginally better, though I agree, the 80-yr old woman didn't do much colliding herself. 

I've just rediscovered this wandering discussion - which, since it really means 'a striking asunder' or 'a shattering', should perhaps be a 'concussion'.  Thank you all for this veritable collision of infelicities.  



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