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Haringey Council seems intent on closing more of Wightman Road than necessary to prevent an increase in traffic on the ladder roads which sounds laudable (providing you live on a ladder road.)

If traffic can no longer go down Wightman Road, it will have to find an alternative route like Turnpike Lane or Green Lanes. This will significantly increase the traffic on those roads and cause more congestion which could be relieved if the ladder roads were open to traffic.

If my local main road was closed, I should expect more traffic to come down my residential road temporarily and why not?

Poorly thought out road works have played havoc with both public and private transport largely due to poorly thought out arrangements pandering to nimbyism.

 Surely it would be best to simply close the smallest section of Wightman Road possible which would be one ladder road north and south of the bridge?

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How do you think this volume of traffic would actually get onto Green Lanes? It's possible that it would be backed up all the way along Wightman and would be at a standstill in rush hour, not to mention Green Lanes.

So we would then have to leaflet the community every week to inform them about the closures and update *all* the signage, every week, so people know which streets are open and which are closed. The people who don't live in the area will be cruising up Green Lanes guessing which street might be open, and which closed? That doesn't sound very practicable to me. 

This is a brilliant plan. Think of the job creation possibilities! Let's do it.

Let's encourage ideas, eh. The more we have and the more people feel encouraged to contribute them, the more likely we are to hit on the one brilliant idea that's floating around elusively out there in the ether.

Thanks for the ideas Dominik. 

We should culvert the New River. That would let us create a highway right from the M25 to Finsbury Square. ( or at least to Islington )

How's that Hugh ?

That's an even better idea. Think of all the shovels we'd need to buy.

Thanks Hugh. Need to stay constructive. No solution will be perfect but maybe we can find a better one. I am sure with more traffic marshals and more signs different / better solutions to the current one are possible. 

As things calm down we'd like to draw things together again so we'd ask that people use the main Wightman Closure thread please.



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