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Chicken Town gets another puff piece, this time in the Guardian.

Nice idea, maybe, though I do want to visit the chicken farm to ask the birds what they think.

But it has no place in the frontage of Edwardian buildings on Tottenham Green.

How nice to get £300k in loans and grants from my Council Tax, and get all these advertorials (almost) to make sure its full of the right sort of people in the evenings to subsidise the slightly-less-fatloaded children's lunch menu.

I can think of other Old Fire Stations that become Arts Centres, or Community Centres, or nurseries. Fried-meat centres? Hmmm. 


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Managed to complete avoid the actual question there... We were talking about if the loan has a guarantor - which to my mind it doesn't.

So basically if ( let's say IF ) Chicken Town folds our (note OUR not the Council's ) money is lost.

Might as well put it into an Icelandic bank.

oh, wait.......

No, it's not YOUR money.. it's the council' money.. you paid your due.. once you did, it wasn't your money anymore..

Exactly the point I was making somewhere else..

This delusion, that if by paying what you're legally required to do, it means you have a right in saying how it should be spent.. 

You are only entitled to have your say on election day.. that's it !

No, I don't think paying Council Tax means I have a say in how it's spent. But the Council don't have any money, other than what we give them. To my mind, it's OUR money but we elect representatives to decide how it is spent.

It was from the Tottenham regen budget which the council have been struggling to spend. Got a good idea for a business that will "benefit" Tottenham residents?

John. You of all people should know that if there is a budget it is the taxpayer who provides the capital, either from council tax or from national taxation.

Of course, the Government can print money, but we pay in the end.

Just a link to the actual loan terms https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/further_clarification_on_gra...

Simple interest on a loan is quite unusual, certainly if it was meant to be a commercial deal. On the other hand, it negates the possibility of the loan increasing hugely whilst Chicken Town wait to hit a profit.

The fact that there is a 30% bad debt provision factored in and that [i]the Council does not want to be seen as an aggressive pursuer of debt and projects will be approved with an understanding of the risk of failure[/i] suggests that there is no guarantor and there is a reasonable chance that it won't be repaid.

Foods mediocre anyway....



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